Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doughnuts by the Dozen

So today I became very ambitious and wanted to figure out how to make home made doughnuts. Besides waiting for a couple of hours for the dough to rise, it was an exciting adventure that turned out absolutely scrumptious! My boys, especially my man-child couldn't get enough.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Leah's Bridal Shower Cake

I was given the great honor to throw my sister a bridal shower so, I made her a cake! This cake was kind of difficult because I used what is called buttercream fondant, ugh...It was so hard to work with. Basically it was frosting that I rolled out! The bottom tier of the cake is a lemon cake with coconut frosting...mmmm. And, the top tier was a vegan carrot cake with the same coconut frosting. I added the flowers to give the cake a more elegant feel, and I think they worked really well.

Leah's Wedding

My big sister Leah was married on Feb. 13, 2010! I was in charge of making sweets for all the guests. This spread consisted of a Dolce de Leche Cheese Cake, a New York Cheese Cake with Blackberries, and the cupcakes. Oh yes the cupcakes were the belle of the ball for sure. They are just a simple vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. The heart is a white chocolate hart with sugar bead accents. I made about 48 of those buggers, but sure glad I did, they were flying off the table before the cake was cut! Now I didn't make Leah's wedding cake, but I added the flowers to give it a touch of elegance.

Vanilla Perfection!!!

Somedays simple is better! These beautiful little cupcakes are a simple vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. They are so yummy! The aroma of vanilla just tickles you senses and leaves you dreaming of these babies for days and nights to come!

Josie's 19th Birthday Cake

My cousin Josie turned 19 on Feb. 24 so I had to make her a fun, but grown up looking cake! Her favorite colors are black and red, so this cake is full of those fun colors. This was my first attempt to use real fondant. It is so much easier than marshmallow fondant, or butter cream fondant. I was also able to make roses and pocka dots easier. The cake is a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and butter cream frosting. It was really yummy. I was very excited to see how it turned out!